Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A week of confessions

I guess I should confess this. I AM A TV JUNKIE.. I really am. I'm not sure if it was just those few years of living abroad and being denied the TV shows that I loved, or seeing some of my favorite actors come back to the small screen. Thank good for DVR's is all I have to say.
Tuesday nights are the best night. Not only has Christian Slater come back, seriously how can you forget him in Heathers and Bed of Roses.. but now we have him in the Forgotten. Last year he was in another show.. cant remember the name of it, but it seemed pretty good.
And of course last night was the Premier of V. Am I so old that I remember the mini series? I'm very excited that this has come back. I have been looking forward to it since the buzz started. Ahhh and My all time favorite Tuesday night show is the Biggest Loser. I love the show, love the intensity, It really does motivate me to get off my behind. The only thing I'm not liking about it this year is Jillian. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jillian.. but some people are just fat because they are fat. There doesn't always have to be drama. They didn't always have to be neglected, picked on, beaten. Lets face it.. I'm fat.. I'm that way because I LOVE FOOD! Especially real food, good wine, and a cold beer on a hot day. There doesn't always have to be drama Jillian.

Last on my Tuesday night round up is The Good Wife. How can you forget her in ER? I'm so happy to see my favorite ER heroine and Mr Big come together.

So not only do I watch all of that on Tuesday night but also Chopped, The little couple, 18 Kids and counting.. Its an action packed Tuesday night. Not sure how I would function without the DVR. Don't even get me going about Thursdays..

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