Thursday, July 9, 2009

About Me

People have been making things by hand since long before I was born, so I didn't invent the "handmade" movement. I am even shocked to be a part of it. I find it soothing, involving, and immensely satisfying making something by hand. With 3 boys and a husband those feelings don't come around very often.

My love affair with crafting started many years ago with crochet, and knitting. That evolved into scrapbooking, and digital scrapbooking, which readily accepted my love of photography. I wouldn't say I'm a great photographer, but I am an awesome photo editor!

After spending many years in front of my computer I wanted a change, and wanted to try something different. This is where my new love of fabric came into play. Of course, I could find room for it, emotionally and, well, the space. It takes up alot of space..

So here I am today.. You may ask what fabric has to do with camera strap covers? Well, they allow me to play with lots of different fabrics, and also dress up my camera. I get to play with texture and color, my computer and photos. But as my husband is so keen on saying, "How many do you really need?"

That's where my shop comes in. All of my items are an appreciation for the unique object, for my individual creativity, and for the process of creating. This is why you will always see new things in my store.

I'm a mother to 3 wonderful boys, with a very supportive husband, and a very hyper puppy. I am an entrepreneur, crafter, inventor and engineer. I am a published memory artist. Most importantly....I'm just a girl, playing around with pretty things that make me happy..



  1. I love your quilts! I'll have to look around your site some more :)
    I found you on Follow Friday! Even though it's Sunday...please check my blog out.

  2. Jess, this is Jamie from the November 03 Playgroup. I hope you remember me!

    I just was brought here from a link on Facebook and I love your things. And it reminded me that I think you once sold pouches for iPhones or something?

    I love your things. LOVE them! I would lovea cover like the notebook covers for my hymnal. Do you custom-make things?

    It's good to "see" you. :) I hope you are well!!