Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its November

And anyone who actually knows me knows that November is my Favorite month, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am so anal about it.

I don't like to travel, I don't want to go to anyone else's house for fear I won't like their food. I make the same thing every single year and I LOVE IT! Its my only holiday I will NOT compromise on. It is what it is...

This Thanksgiving I'm really looking forward to, My sister and her kids are coming, and also some friends that we know. I love a crowd at Thanksgiving, Christmas stay away don't call, don't stop by, but Thanksgiving, come on by!
So this month I am going to talk alot about Thanksgiving. I will give out some tips and tricks, Some time savers, how to get all your food out at the same time.. HOT.. and of course share my Super Top Secret recipes! Not so top secret, but I refuse to give them to my family.. lol.. thank goodness they don't read my blog.
Thanksgiving Shopping

If your like me, Thanksgiving costs alot of money, It will easily be a 200 dollar dinner, I like to spread that love around. There is nothing like being in the grocery store and shopping for 1 meal and my husband flipping out. So many years ago I learned.. spread the love during my regular shopping.
So make your list now. Make the MASTER list... Everything you need to purchase for your feast. Copy that bad boy out and put it in your purse, wallet, on your refridgerator.. I put mine in my car so I have it when I'm at the store.

There are some things that you can start buying now. Green Beans, frenchies onions maybe? Salt and pepper.. chicken stock.. wine.. beer.. sugar.. etc.. you get the point.

Make your shopping easier on your pocketbook and plan ahead!


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