Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Im a Soccer Mom....

Did I just admit that here? Crazy...
Secretly I really enjoy it, going to the games, watching G play, the shouting, the techniques, the coach all red in the face... Its pretty entertaining. On the flip side of that, soccer sucks the life out of us.
In our world we call it football... and G plays competitive football. Along with the fun and the wins.. there of course is the Drama. Club Drama, parent drama, opportunity drama. Just imagine a line of parents sitting on the sidelines with stop watches, timing how long there kid is in the game, how long he actually played on the field. Did he start? How often does he start? If he didn't start well who did? and how long did that kid play?
There is also the opportunities, playing on a winning team, there is alot of opportunities. Professional training, Academy's, ODP (Olympic development program), sponsorship, tournaments, out of country tournaments. Its all very hush hush, very cloak and dagger, nobody wants to tell you in case you show up at an opportunity and your kid is better than there kid. Seriously you haven't seen crazy until you have been involved in competitive sports on a National level.
So I just want to say this..
Congrats G on another win! You played beautifully this weekend!


and he scores!!


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