Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camera Strap Cover Tutorials

Remember how a while back I mentioned that I was getting out of the Camera Strap Cover business? I'm finally starting to take that plunge. As much as I love the covers, I am ready to put on my big girl panties and start making the real deal!
You can find all of these and many more at Designs by Jessie Measurements:
•Length of strap - 45 inches
•Nylon Strap Length - 6 inches
•Width of fabric strap - 2 inches
•Width of Nylon strap - 1/2 inch

I understand that not everyone is going to want a longer strap, so I do have an alteration option. For only 5 dollars you can opt to have your camera strap altered. Length, width, extra padding etc.
I will also soon have options on the site to build your own strap. You will be able to choose, your length, padding amount, width, fabric, minky, and regular or quick connect ends.

There are several of these loaded in the shop right now, and will be more to come!

So now after you have seen the new item, its a little understandable on why I'm going to give out the secret to the other product. Lets face it. Its not much of a secret. All you have to do is google camera strap cover tutorial, and you will get pages and pages of tutorials. I have decided to narrow that down for you. These are some of my favorite.

Priddy Creations has an awesome tutorial, and what is unique about hers is she also shows you how to line it for a very clean finish. Tutorial~Picture is from Priddy Creations Blog~

This tutorial just came out a bit ago, but its so cute. I found this one on Moda Bake Shop Blog, Its by Brassy Apple. It uses charm packs from Moda. Tutorial ~Picture is from Moda Bake Shop Blog~Ohhh I love this next one. Make It and Love It is one of my favorite blogs for all kinds of sewing inspiration. She is the place I go and think.. I wanna be just like her when I grow up!!! Tutorial ~Picture is from Make it and love it blog~

The Design Sponge uses a handy dandy looping tool. Goodness .. 1000 covers later I wish I had bought one of those!!! Tutorial ~Picture is from design sponge website~
I do still have some camera strap covers available in the store I will be slashing their prices this week to get the last of them gone!