Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Stuff!

I love to do giveaways, but I don't like to do a lot of them. If I give the whole store away, well then how do I expect to make any money? Giveaways are good also in a way. Its a marketing strategy, It gets new people to your site, exposure and free publicity.

Recently I signed on for some advertising at The Creative Junkie. Can I just say how much I love this site? Andy is so funny, OCD, and goodness knows I wish I could write and be as clever as her. So when she opened up to advertising I was right there screaming PICK ME PICK ME!!!

So we got together for a giveaway. Now working with Andy is challenging, I don't think I have ever worked with a blog owner that sent that many emails, was that thorough, and that committed to hosting a successful giveaway. For the last week Andy has plagued me with questions, double, triple checked my store, looked at my feedback, and even critiqued my site!!! Although she did tell me I could tell her to mind her own business!!! So today when I opened her blog post, I almost fell out of my chair, she is such an awesome writer she even made me Quirky! Hey anyone who can make me cooler than I really am.. I am so on board with!

So today Is the start of the giveaway for 2 .. yes 2 $25 gift certificates to my store. This giveaway is so painless.. You don't have to blog about it.. you can if you want.. you don't have to tweet.. although it would be much appreciated.. you don't have to spam your friends on facebook, although I would forever be in your debt.. All you have to do is tell Andy one thing.... Its just that easy. So pop on over to The Creative Junkie and enter.. There is also a little surprise in her post (maybe a money off coupon?)


  1. love love love your covers!!
    I design 'covers' myself! Great site!

  2. Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS! I'm off to enter your giveaway!

  3. Cool news to report! I'm definitely checking out the other site. Thanks!