Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Cause

I usually don't do the blog entry for giveaways that I enter. It takes alot of time, and sometimes Its really just a hassle. Lets face it, I always feel the chances of winning are slim. I am never the "right" number. Today is a little different.
Im not so much worried if Im the right number, but It is the right cause. Today I came across Shannons blog Potamus Prefers. She is doing a great giveaway for a GREAT cause. Pink Together is a site to Inspire hope. I visited the site, and it was awesome. Just the song that they play gave me a pretty uplifting feeling.
I don't have a relative or friend Living with or who has survived Breast Cancer. I do go to the grocery store and during the month buy the "pink" items. I participate in the walk, and help out where I can. Just because it hasn't directly affected me today, doesn't mean it wont tomorrow. Please for this month, think Pink.

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