Monday, November 9, 2009

How to not be friends with the neighbors

Sing with me... Nobody likes me .. everybody hates me .. I think Ill go eat some worms....

Seriously that is how I'm feeling today.

My neighbor had a baby shower this weekend, and to be honest It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences that I have had in a long time. I didn't know anyone there. Do you think that anyone introduced me? nope... The host ... didn't even say hello... So this post is going to be all about how you don't become friends with your neighbors A lesson I should have learned.

Don't let your neighbors see that you have tools. They will always want to borrow them, and then your expertise along with it.

Bring your 9ft ladder into the garage under the cloak of darkness, otherwise they will all want to have a shot of it to hang their Christmas lights. As you spend the whole weekend assisting them hanging lights, you get left on your roof at 10pm with no assistance as all the neighbors are sitting around drinking boasting about their imaginative displays.

Do not find a neighbor that you have so many things in common with.. they look at it as they might have to have small talk.

Do not let your neighbors know you have glue and paper and other crafty bits.. they see this as a reason to send their children over to get homework assistance.

Don't answer your door with a neighbor panicked on the front step. You will end up giving up your Saturday plans to sit on a floor fixing a zipper for a prom dress, without a thank you.

Don't help your neighbor plan a birthday part, even if you do the invitation and the cake and such, it doesn't mean your going to get invited.

Don't let your neighbors know you can sew, It means they expect you to make handmade one of a kind items. The 5 dollar pack of burp clothes from Walmart just won't do..

You know, I usually don't get to upset.. I guess I'm just really in a mood today. I'm just fed up, feeling used and feeling like I'm the last one picked for a game of kickball. Thank goodness my sister will be here in two weeks. I need a friend.

I will be putting a tutorial up this week for those burp clothes.



  1. OMG, I sing that song in my head all the time. Maybe I am just weird!

    Hugs. I have been there!

  2. We all have neighbors like that, sad to say.

    That is horrible that they didn't bother to introduce you to anyone. Ugh! I'm a super shy person and if I was in your shoes I would have hide some where or slipped out quietly.

    I LOVE the quilt! That is beautiful!

  3. The items you made are adorable! I'm sorry your neighbor was so rude. Maybe for Christmas you could get her a book on manners or being a gracious hostess. ;) People are stupid.

  4. So sorry you didn't have a good time. I hope it won't really keep you from forming friendships. If you don't mind a quick story: I was in a similar situation once, I didn't know anyone at a party, and a woman walked over and put out her hand and said, "I don't think we've met yet." I thought that was so generous of her. Now, when I'm in a room where I see someone like you were that day, I make an effort to do this. It also works when you don't know anyone as a way to meet people.

    Sorry so long. Thanks for stopping by my blog via SITS. It's such a great way to find new blogs.

  5. God that sucks! I'm not close to any of my neighbors anymore. I used to be best friends with the daughter of the woman behind me until one day she just stopped coming to the door or answering my calls. AWKWARD!

    The lady next door used to be like a grandma to my kids until one day she stopped answering the door when my daughter would go over there. Now we are more of a hi and bye neighbor. Weird.

    New guy kind of across the street is a bit of an a$$hole and the younger couple with the bratty little kid on the other side are apparently moving. Kind of looking forward to not having all their friends driving down my street 100 times a day.