Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving is over

And I am just a wee bit sad.

Having family around really drives home the fact that you don't have alot of family near by. As much as the week was chaotic, insane, busy, and a blur.. I can really put it in my list of all time best Thanksgivings ever. As we were together for the first time in a long time we decided we would do some of our Christmas Traditions at Thanksgiving, knowing we wouldn't be together for the next holiday.

In our houses, every Christmas morning we have a Cinnamon dish and champagne. We have done this for years.. It started on way back when we were little and there wasn't anything to eat or drink Christmas morning. I cant remember if our mother was there or not, because lets me honest, some mornings she wasn't there. There were some stale cinnamon roles and a left over bottle of Cold Duck left over from some party or another that our mother went to. We got the bottle open, and that is what we had for our breakfast. The next year, I do believe my mother was home and she asked us what we wanted for breakfast. Ummm the same thing as last year??? Duh! What 8 year old wouldn't want to get tanked on Christmas morning.. and so then It began.. every year since.. This year I made monkey bread, its delish, and great for kids to help with. I personally don't like my kids to help with it, its part of my OCD, but well lots of other people love to cook with their kids. Her kids made a comment as we kept checking the oven...

Hunter: Ummm mom its not done yet
Debbie: Yes it is
Hunter: Ummm no its not, It still looks raw
Debbie: That is because we burn ours every year, it really is only supposed to be Golden not dark brown like we make it at our house!

It was finally time to get to work! We put the Mulled Wine in the crock pot...
My husband took Frank the turkey out of the brine and gave it a bath.. I think there were a few more pictures, but as the photo editor I am allowed to delete the ones that are not pleasing to the eye...

So after 2 bottles of champagne and much wine and beer, the camera was forgotten, and thanksgiving was a BLAST!!

The last day she was there, I remembered that I had wanted to make a soccer tie blanket for her daughter. 3 Stores later on black Friday, I finally found some cute soccer fleece. Of course I didn't photograph it, that would have been .. ummm smart? I also found some great flannel.. so On the very last day I strapped my self to the sewing machine and set out to make a rag quilt for one of my other nieces. Even my sister and her friend Nancy joined in. I never thought I would see the day that my sister would take scissors to fabric.. But I have proof now. And will be using this as leverage!

Just a few more pictures of the kids on the last night

It was a great time, I was sorry to say goodbye. I wish she lived down the road, but that really isn't reality is it?


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