Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Back on Track

OMG, we are supposed to have snow today! In Houston! What a topsy turvy world we live in. Hurricanes in the Summer and now snow in the winter!

Correction.. It IS Snowing outside, RIGHT NOW! Now on to the actual post...

The last 6 mos have been crazy, just insanely so. Big plans, and even bigger ideas. Some have panned out, and others not so. Sometimes Big plans and big ideas just stayed that .. ideas. So after careful reflection of this year I'm setting out to make some changes. For Designs by Jessie to be successful, things cant keep going the way they are going. I'm always behind, always struggling to keep up. I'm living in a tornado of chaos and crazy. I miss creating new things, working on new ideas, and designing for the joy of it.

So in saying all of that.... I will be closing my shop on December 18th. It won't be closing for good, but I will be restructuring it, adding new sections and new products, expanding, and decreasing. The virtual doors will reopen on January 15th with a new structure, ready to ship items, and a new line for ...... Well you have to wait until the 15th!
For the next few days I will be adding some ready made, ready to ship items. These are all fully loaded either with minky and a pocket, or just a pocket. Of course all strap covers are padded and Shipping is FREE!

All Products will be shipped out next day until the end of the sale on the 18th.

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  1. Oh I really love these!!! I'm off to check out your shop!!!!
    We were suppose to get snow this week but it skipped us (I did the happy dance!) I wish I could fast forward through winter LOL