Monday, August 31, 2009

I want to thank everyone for your feedback and support, Every ones understanding has been awesome.

Also I want to give Jane a big THANK YOU. If you don't know who I'm talking about, Jane is the one that you all received a very great email from explaining about the unexpected void that was Designs by Jessie for 4 weeks. She emailed, she organized .. she is the best. I would be totally lost without her.

Orders are getting completed, you should be getting an email confirmation when it gets shipped. I will be making a post office run everyday until all the orders are out. I have started on the ones that are the oldest, and moving forward from there. If your order is over 10 days old I will also be sending you a free gift along with it. There were 13 orders mailed out this morning, and I have 10 on my desk ready for the post tomorrow. (Jann your order is going out in the morning!)

Doing free gifts like this has given me the opportunity to start working on some of the fabrics that were destined to go out this and next month. So I got 4 new patterns made up today. Just in time for Fall (more fall coming)
Black White and Red is supposed to be huge this fall, so I have added another to my black and white area
Stay tuned for new fabrics, and new products!



  1. Hi there. I saw you on MomDot. I checked out your shop and LOVE your cell phone cases.