Monday, April 12, 2010

Im really tired of being fat.

Seriously, No joke. I am so over being fat!

My clothes from last year don't fit right, I have chins where chins shouldn't be! I am not fat enough for surgery, but fat enough that I cant shop in normal shops anymore.

So I'm over it. Something has to give. Jack wants to take everyone to gulf shores for a holiday this summer, and to be honest .. I don't want to fit my flabby abs in a swimming suit. I would even volunteer to go back to the most miserable place on earth before I subjected my excessive flesh to the sun of Florida!

So this week I decided to do a little something about it. In the past I have tried diets, extreme exercising. They didn't work. I'm sure they are all great programs.. but they also have issues..

Extreme exercising .. well after 3 days you are so sore, you have to take a day off.. then it turns into 2.. and before you know it.. you went 3 days and took off a week, and spent all that money for a fantastic gym membership for a 3 day stint!

I have tried Weight Watchers, Nutri System etc.. but lets be honest .. I'm fat because I LIKE FOOD! I like wine, cold beer and fried fish! These diet programs don't work for me, well because I would rather starve then eat the nasty Nutri System food! I am a food snob!

But like all things .. The food solution is easy... What is it they say? You have to eat to loose weight? I'm sure they don't mean a big Denny's fry up for breakfast. I believe they were talking about a cup of granola, a cup of yogurt and probably some fruit or something.

So this week... I will be taking charge.. I going to figure out the food thing. There has to be something somewhere on the "healthy" list that I will like.

So In the mean time I wanted to get down to exercising. I used to be a runner, In a long ago far away dream, I used to be a very good long distance runner. yes I know .. now I cant even run two houses down.. but I did used to run, and I want to get back to it.

So fortified with my new knee braces, lots of antiflamatories I am starting the couch to 10 K program. I have to take the damn dog out to walk anyway.. this program is designed for big fat couch potatoes.. ok .. you can be a skinny couch potato.. It gets you slowly into shape to be able to run 10 K

You can listen to you own music while you keep track of your workout.

It prompts you when to walk and when to jog.

This is an app for my IPhone. You don't have to have an app. You can find this program everywhere online. The App was 3 dollars, so much less of an investment then Nutri System! You can find the App here

Or you can find more information about the program and how to keep track of it here.

Every monday I will update my progress. Hopefully I can loose some weight to get rid of an extra chin! Then I will be able to participate in Krystyns Mommy and Me project!!!


  1. Woo hoo! Good for you to get back out there! Before you know it you will be back to running long distances.

    Good luck!

  2. Good for you for doing something. We are really trying to get back on the healthy bandwagon here...smaller portions are the first step.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Just another reason to love the iphone! Sounds like a great app and I wish you luck. I've just started running in the last few years, but haven't ran in 3 weeks due to a back injury. I'm so afraid I'll never start again. At first I really missed it, but now I don't even want to - I just want to play on the computer and eat chocolate all day! I feel myself getting lazier and lazier. Good luck to you Jessie :)

  4. Awesome! You can do it!

  5. do they have a couch to walk?...can't run. Sounds like you're ready, I am too!

  6. Okay girl, just downloaded the app. Maybe you and I can help to keep each other motivated?

    ~Red Head