Friday, February 12, 2010

When it Rains...

It really pours in our house.

My husband travels (working outside of the US) , not alot anymore, but still enough to notice. It never fails though, whenever he has a trip, there is a minor/major emergency here. Sick kids, ear infections, once I chopped off the tip of my finger. We lock ourselves out of the house, we lock keys in the car etc. We do this when he leaves. Maybe self consciously we are trying to make him feel like he is important, who knows.

So 6 days into my husbands latest trip disaster strikes again.

I got a call yesterday from J's school. Apparently he collided with a kid during basketball and it knocked him out cold. J's got a hard head, so he must have gotten hit pretty hard. I seriously thought It was no big deal, as they were calling me instead of an ambulance. When I went down to the school basically J couldn't even walk. He was so out of it. Not the ... I forgot to take my ADD drugs this morning out of it, but I sneaked a pint of wild turkey out of it. Immediately alarm bells start going off in my head!

So I drive at break neck speed down the road to get him to the doctors. His Pediatrician is so awesome, she got us right in! Several min wait and we were down for xrays only to discover he had a hairline fracture on his nose. Well crap! But ohhhh no .. it doesn't end there...

She is so concerned, we are now wisked off to the hospital for a head ct! Did I say I was panicked yet? My husband is in freaking Africa, my kindergartner is getting out of school soon, my middle schooler an hour after that. I have no friends here, and the one "family" friend we do have is in England for the week! Crap Crap Crap!!!! Thank goodness my neighbor needed something one day and I saved her number. After securing pickup for the children I was able to take care of business at hand! They run the tests, coordination, questions etc.. He couldn't remember the date, didn't know where he was, really had no sense on what was happening .. Did I already say crap? They run him thru the CT and then we wait. The pediatrician is going on about transferring him to Texas Children's .. and I'm just going crap crap crap. Now normally I would be on the phone with Dr. Debbie (my sister, not really a doctor) but my phone was on 5% power so I was going to have to fly solo for this little medical emergency.

Finally after just a little while, the doctor comes back with a big smile on her face, He has no bleed! She wanted to keep him there for 6 hours to make sure, but it looks like a concussion and a fractured nose. Lets face it, that was enough for us!!!
When it Rains... It really does pour in this house!

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  2. Glad everything turned out ok. As a mom of 3 boys - now grown - I can totally sympathize!
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