Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online Drama

One of the reasons that I love sewing so much is its a solitary hobby. Sure you can go to groups and guilds and talk about your hobby, but for the most part it is just you, your machine and some beautiful fabric.

I knew when I made the decision to sell some of my wares that I was opening myself up to criticism, comments, stress.

A year ago Jan 09, when I decided to sell my camera strap covers, It wasn't that I wanted to corner the camera strap cover industry. I made one for myself, a friend wanted another, and I thought .. well crap I know alot of photographers and scrapbookers.. I can probably sell these things.

I did a small amount of research in it, and noticed there were 2 or 3 people making them also. I also noticed that people were buying them. I looked at there stock and noticed that our fabric taste was very different, meaning we didn't use the same fabric. So I put my big girl panties on and put a few up for sale. Low and behold they sold. It was pretty awesome. That is how Designs by Jessie got started.

Occasionally I would get email inquires about lens pockets. They saw a pocket on someone elses camera strap cover and would ask me if I could make one also. I had a fabric they loved and they wanted a pocket. Fair enough. So after a few of those, I started to add them into my shop. To my surprise I received an email from another woman who makes camera strap covers also. Basically what it said was , oh your pockets are cute, but they look so familiar!

I hemmed and hawed about answering back to her. I decided to respond with a simple... Thank you very much. I see what you are getting at. We attach our pockets differently, and I was having so many requests that I decided to offer them.

A few months ago, It was decided by the powers that be that I must twitter. To tell you the truth its pretty fun, especially after a few glasses of wine. I have always felt pretty uncomfortable "tweeting" come and buy my crap! But after a few glasses of Merlot I feel I can tweet with complete strangers comfortably!

Shortly after joining twitter I get an other email from this woman via twitter about the description in my store. Apparently it was familiar to hers! I thought to myself .. Seriously how many ways can I say this thing is 21" long? And it fits over your existing camera strap! So I labored for days writing a new description.

So last night, someone that I follow, because I like her designs, came out with a new design. Its for a composition book cover. Yes I sell them also. I'm not bothered by that, she made a beautiful product. I sent her a message via twitter.. @Store owner name here love your notebook covers! They are so easy to make. Love the ruffle accessory! And I did/do. They are unique, I love how she applied her ruffle, they are fun and eye catching. Silly me thinking to offer compliments to other handmade artists.

So this morning I wake up to @designsbyjessie They may be easy to make, but no one makes them better than @Store owner name here! The tweet was made my this woman who sent the previous emails. I thought to my self WOW. I really had to go back and check to see what I wrote. I was 99% sure what I said was supportive and didn't infer anything. So to get something like that back from a completely separate person .. well to be honest .. I was at a loss.. I was/am frustrated, my feelings were a tad bit hurt and I really felt this was a dig at me.

I'm not going to have a poor me moment, I love the things I make, and I make way to much of it. So its either give it away, or sell it. I'm sure there are always going to be snotty people out there, and there isn't anything I can do about it.

So after today's events, I think I'm going to read a few of the blogs that I enjoy and try and finish up this quilt top. I have about 8 flowers on it left to applique and its been sitting in the "to be completed" bin for over a year. So today I'm going to take some solitary time for myself, and remember that I LOVE TO SEW, it makes me HAPPY!



  1. WTG for doing something you love and for yourself. Believe me when I say I know *exactly* how you feel. Email me if you want more details...not here, though:)

  2. So thoughtful of you to want to send a positive comment to someone. Sorry, there is always a "negative" bad apple out there.

    Glad you were able to do for yourself. As the old saying goes, "just keep on, keepin on"!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. hey I have that very same safety pin! lol
    laugh and keep it fun!
    I love lurking at your blog...had to write!

  4. Sending a virtual hug! You need one!
    Keep stitching its all beautiful
    from another lurker

  5. IS there a monopoly on sewing things these days? Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @ http://one2try.blogspot.com/

  6. Some people have a lot of nerve, and it makes me think she is just watching out for what you'll make next to criticize...sound quite insecure. You work is great and certainly don't let any ONE person take away form you the pride and sweetness you have. I look forward to see what you're going to dream up next :)

  7. No matter what, there is always going to be one of "those" people. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this half the time!

  8. I am stopping by from Friday Follow! Come by and see me sometime!