Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fun Job

I'm a fabric Junky, Honestly I really am. Take me shopping to the Mall, or or any other store, and I will buy 10 shirts all the same in different colors and be done with it. In and out. Take me to a fabric store, and well that is a whole different story. That is where I have to touch, try, blend together to get the right color combinations. I can spend hours in a fabric store just imagining the possibilities!
I buy my fabric from many different sources. Hobby Lobby, Joann's, my local quilt store The Quilters Cottage. I also buy my fabric online thru Etsy. The Etsy fabric ladies allow me to buy pre matched bundles in small quantities. As you know its hard enough to buy something online without being able to see or touch it. Some of my favorite stores on etsy are Fabric Shoppe, Daffodil Hill fabrics and patterns, and Rainbow fabrics.I also have to start buying fabric a little while before I use it. I like to get it cut, and numbered for the inventory. So right now is a great time as I'm inventorying the last of the summer items and getting ready for the fall stuff. I have been so excited by what I have found!
From Timeless TreasuresFrom the Taxi Collection1 of 3 different Halloween duo's that will be in the storeAnd on to the fallI was really excited to find this fabric again, It was a big seller!So it was an exciting weekend of shopping, opening packages and the like. I cant wait to get this stuff on the shelves!


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  1. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog..and letting me know about you and your wonderful products. I just ordered my first camera strap. Can't wait to get it!!!
    You have a great eye for combination of color and fabric.